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Lindhof: Event location Kufsteinerland

When good things could not be closer by.

Lindhof: Event location & supplier in the Kufsteinerland
Lindhof: Event location & supplier in the Kufsteinerland
Lindhof: Event location & supplier in the Kufsteinerland
Lindhof: Event location & supplier in the Kufsteinerland
Lindhof: Event location & supplier in the Kufsteinerland

Looking at the history of the Lindhof farm and its importance for the Alpenrose cuisine, we have, in fact, to start looking at the childhood of your host Stephan Mauracher. As a little boy he was a great lover of the outdoors, who loved to spend his time in the stables with the animals or driving in the passenger seat of the tractor. The inside view of agriculture, far from mono cultures and industrial farming, have made a lasting impression on him. Accordingly, he decided to buy the Lindhof farm in the year 2016 and grow a variety of plant in a traditional way there. At our farm you can wander through the orchard and visit our fresh vegetables and herbs in their beds. In our barns and outdoors you can find our Highland cattle and sheep herd grazing and picking out the most fragrant grass and herbs while the chickens are busily picking corn.

We can use the freshest produce from the Lindhof farm as ingredients for our delicious Alpenrose cuisine. But we don’t want to use them exclusively but share them with our guests. So, if you have enjoyed the food, we recommend you to visit the Lindhof Shop, where you can buy some of the most delicious and fresh produce of the farm. Choose from our wide range of products like the free-range eggs from our Lindhof chickens, homemade jams, hand-picked fruit, self-made pasta with free-range eggs (wheat or spelt), meat packages from the Lindhof ox Alfredo, from our sheep or our FRIDA chicken. To complete our choice of products you can also buy the Alpenrose cuisine to go. Savour the taste of nature, indulge in the warm sense of well-being and feast on mountain-inspired pleasures – at home.

Everything tastes best at grandma's! That is why we have asked grandma Vroni for her secret ingredient. And guess what she has told us: It's all about fresh ingredients from the region and love. And grandma Vroni supplies us with eggs from our happy Lindhof chickens, fruity jam from the Lindhof, bread for breakfast. The meat for our BBQ and for the Alpenrose products to-go comes from the local butchery Pfluger in Thiersee and from local farms. The well-being of her loved ones is the top priority of grandma Vroni, therefore she takes great care to use only seasonal, locally sourced produce - you won't find any curiosities from overseas. The self-service machine "Oma Vroni" is situated in front of the Butchery Pfluger in Thiersee, always well-stocked with delicious specialities from the region. Ah, and now one more secret tip from grandma Vroni: You can visit her family in the wonderful area of Bad Waltersdorf and enjoy a staycation at our partner hotel Ayurveda Resort Mandira. Gift vouchers are also available at the self-service machine.

... or as we say: from the Lindhof to the Alpenrose. Our family-run Lindhof is not only a home for plants and animals, a place to regain energy for the people working here and a place to rest for our guests, but also supplier of high-quality produce for the city hotel Alpenrose in Kufstein and the European Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof. For Stephan Mauracher it is important to know where the ingredients for the Alpenrose cuisine come from and that the animals are treated with respect. And each and every member of the kitchen team shares his ambitions. Every one of the Alpenrose kitchen crew has already been to the Lindhof, watching the chickens pick the corn or deciding on the best moment to harvest the fruits and veg. Another aspect of the Alpenrose philosophy is not to waste any of the gifts of nature. Accordingly, the whole kitchen team is working hard in summer and autumn to cook and dry the harvest, to preserve its wonderful fresh taste for later. From nose to tail – is the ethos when it comes to meat. We use every part of the animal from the literal nose to the literal tail focussing on conscious consuming and the creation of exciting dishes. We are also especially proud to have been awarded the Seal of Quality „Bewusst Tirol“ in 2019.

Hyper local: from farm to table – from the Lindhof to the Alpenrose.
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